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    26 Oct 2011

    The story of inspiration for the wives and husbands

    Hopefully the story below could make us learn how to be grateful for what we have: I hate him, that’s what always whisper in my heart for most of our time together.Though married, I never really gave my heart to him.Married under my parents compulsion, make me hate my own husband. Although forced marriage, I never showed my hatred attitude.Though hated it, every day I still serve him as a duty of wife on the bed.I had to do it all because I had no other grip.Several times i want to leave him but I do not have the financial capability and support for anyone.Both my parents were very fond of my husband because according to them, my husband is a figure of perfect husband for their only daughter. When married, I became a wife who is very spoiled.I did everything as I please.My husband



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